The show that started it all

The Mentalist

Hello everyone!

I’ve decide to open a blog because I wanted to share with you my passion (well…it’s more an obsession..) about tv shows and discuss opinions, ideas, review episodes and a lot more.

“The Mentalist” was the first show I started watching…and I didn’t even like it that much at the beginning (what the hell was I thinking…) but now I’m literally obsessed with it. I mean…after the season finale…I can’t cope with life anymore, I still can’t believe Jane and Lisbon kissed. After seven months I still can’t believe it. We waited six seasons (by “we” I mean all the “Jisbon” shippers out there) and finally we got what we wanted.

And Simon Baker is another reaons why I watch this show... *cough cough

And Simon Baker is another reason why I started watching the show… *cough cough

I must say the 6th season was really amazing…not only for the “kiss” but even because Red John was revealed. Someone might think it wasn’t a good idea revealing him almost at the beginning of the season…but in my opinion it was a brilliant idea because in this way the writers gave us the opportunity to get to know the characters better. Plus I think the Red John story had to end at one point otherwise it would have got boring.

Anyway, let’s stop talking about The Mentalist  because I could go on forever. I now follow lots of tv shows…Person Of Interest, Doctor Who, Haven, The Following and loads more. But this post is only the first of many others so there’s a lot coming your way!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

See you next time!